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Homeopathy Simplified
Lesson 1About the Course 
Lesson 2What is Homeopathy 
Lesson 3History 
Lesson 4Hahnemann 
Lesson 5Böenninghausen 
Lesson 6Hering 
Lesson 7Kent 
Lesson 8Myths and Misconceptions 
Lesson 9Philosophy 
Lesson 10Organon 
Lesson 11Provings 
Lesson 12Acute Disease 
Lesson 13Chronic Disease 
Lesson 14Hering's Law 
Lesson 15What is the Homeopathic Affect 
Lesson 16Research 
Module 2TOOLS
Lesson 1Books 
Lesson 2Software 
Lesson 3Remedies 
Lesson 4Repertory 
Lesson 5Materia Medica 
Lesson 6Reliable Symptoms 
Lesson 7Location / Condition / Modality / Concomitant 
Lesson 8Miasms 
Lesson 9Mental Characteristics 
Lesson 10Case Taking 
Lesson 11Repertorization 
Lesson 12The Methodology of Böenninghausen 
Lesson 13Prescribing, Potency and Dose 
Lesson 14Second Prescription 
Lesson 15Case Management Variables 
Lesson 16Language of Homeopathy 
Module 3CASES
Lesson 1Heiner Frei & the Development of Polarity Analysis 
Lesson 2Polarity Difference 
Lesson 3Checklists and Questionnaires 
Lesson 4Case Taking Using Polarity Analysis 
Lesson 5Polarity Analysis Software 
Lesson 6Acute Illnesses 
Lesson 7Chronic Illness 
Lesson 8Childhood Illnesses 
Lesson 9Multimorbid Patients 
Lesson 10Skin Diseases 
Lesson 11Musculo-Skeletal Diseases 
Lesson 12Respiratory Diseases 
Lesson 13Migraines 
Lesson 14Neurological Diseases 
Lesson 15Emotional & Psychological States 
Lesson 16Cancer 
Lesson 17Pregnancy & Childbirth 
Lesson 18Animal Care 
Lesson 19Farm and Garden 
Lesson 1Ethics 
Lesson 2Note Taking 
Lesson 3Case Management in the 21st Century 
Lesson 4Pharmacy 
Lesson 5Posology 
Lesson 6Constitutional Prescribing 
Lesson 7Maternity and Neonates 
Lesson 8Nosodes 
Lesson 9Vaccination, Vaccinosis & Homeoprophylaxis 
Lesson 10Homeopathic Detox 
Lesson 11Mappa Mundi 
Lesson 12Archetypes 
Lesson 13Elements 
Lesson 14Sensation 
Lesson 15Doctrine of Signatures 
Lesson 16Protocol Based Treatment Plans 

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