Course Content

Homeopathy Simplified

Designed to provide a deep understanding of Homeopathic medicine’s principles and methodologies, to provide the tools to enable a practice of it that works with the ease and speed. Read, view or listen to each lessons at your own pace.

Video lectures, printable lessons and topical case examples will guide your learning to effectively prescribe for acute and chronic diseases. Confidently treat complex auto-immune conditions, psychological disorders and the many conditions affecting the young and aged. 


It's roots from the 1800's to the present time.

Lesson 1 About the Course
Lesson 2 What is Homeopathy
Lesson 3 History
Lesson 4 Hahnemann
Lesson 5 Böenninghausen
Lesson 6 Hering
Lesson 7 Kent
Lesson 8 Myths and Misconceptions
Lesson 9 Philosophy
Lesson 10 Organon
Lesson 11 Provings
Lesson 12 Acute Disease
Lesson 13 Chronic Disease
Lesson 14 Hering's Law
Lesson 15 What is the Homeopathic Affect
Lesson 16 Research
Module 2 TOOLS

The tools of the trade

Lesson 1 Books
Lesson 2 Software
Lesson 3 Remedies
Lesson 4 Repertory
Lesson 5 Materia Medica
Lesson 6 Reliable Symptoms
Lesson 7 Location / Condition / Modality / Concomitant
Lesson 8 Miasms
Lesson 9 Mental Characteristics
Lesson 10 Case Taking
Lesson 11 Repertorization
Lesson 12 The Methodology of Böenninghausen
Lesson 13 Prescribing, Potency and Dose
Lesson 14 Second Prescription
Lesson 15 Case Management Variables
Lesson 16 Language of Homeopathy

A reliable and simple method of homeopathy.

Lesson 1 Heiner Frei & the Development of Polarity Analysis
Lesson 2 Polarity Difference
Lesson 3 Checklists and Questionnaires
Lesson 4 Case Taking Using Polarity Analysis
Lesson 5 Polarity Analysis Software
Lesson 6 Acute Illnesses
Lesson 7 Chronic Illness
Lesson 8 Childhood Illnesses
Lesson 9 Multimorbid Patients
Lesson 10 Skin Diseases
Lesson 11 Musculo-Skeletal Diseases
Lesson 12 Respiratory Diseases
Lesson 13 Migraines
Lesson 14 Neurological Diseases
Lesson 15 Emotional & Psychological States
Lesson 16 Cancer
Lesson 17 Development of Polarity Analysis

How to manage your Homeopathic patients.

Lesson 1 Note Taking
Lesson 2 Case Management in the 21st Century
Lesson 3 Pharmacy
Lesson 4 Posology
Lesson 5 Nosodes
Lesson 6 Vaccination, Vaccinosis & Homeoprophylaxis
Lesson 7 Ethics

The many methods and philosophies used and taught by Homeopaths.

Lesson 1 Constitutional Prescribing
Lesson 2 Doctrine of Signatures
Lesson 3 Archetypes
Lesson 4 Sensation
Lesson 5 Mappa Mundi
Lesson 6 Families
Lesson 7 Elements
Lesson 8 Protocol
Lesson 9 Pain Types
Lesson 10 Finding The Genius of a Case

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