Homeopathy Simplified – Guided Online Course

Tired of the hit-or-miss approach to homeopathic medicine?
If so, I’ve got a path to reliable prescribing.

  • From doubt to reliable choice
  • A scientifically proven method
  • To treat more patients effectively

A Better Way

Using homeopathy reliably doesn’t take a long time to do or years of study. Homeopathy Simplified provides an easy to use process
using a time saving and scientifically proven method
taught in a guided step by step programme.

Perhaps you’re already interested in homeopathic medicine but find yourself skeptical of its promised benefits? Or, you’ve tried it and had mixed results.

As someone who has experienced both successes and failures with homeopathy, I can relate to the frustration of relying on how it’s usually taught. Using common characteristics and disease names to keynotes for prescribing.

By solving the time consuming struggle to find effective remedies you gain confidence in the efficacy of the homeopathic medicines you choose and provide patients the help they seek.

As parents of 3 kids, a 6 year old and 3 yr old twins, we only use natural medicines and especially homeopathy. It’s so easy to do with Jonathan…I call, we make a time to chat and choose a remedy so quickly, he gives simple instructions and we see the kids and ourselves just getting better. I get so excited as working with you makes homeopathy so easy.

Caitlin Hill

Course Starts June 7th, 2024

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Jonathan Damonte

A second-generation homeopath who has been passionate about homeopathy since his childhood. Inspired by his father, John Damonte, Jonathan went on to graduate from the Toronto School of Homeopathy in 1997 which was founded by students of his. Then, after being in practice a few years he incorporated Bowen Therapy, a neuro-muscular form of bodywork, into his homeopathy practice. This became an integrated method focussing on chronic pain and disease.

His view of disease is that the patient’s unresolved reaction to an illness, stress, or injury is in and of itself the state that holds one stuck in sickness. Without changing this patterned state of reaction, a patient remains in defence to the original cause. Jonathan has deterined that a well-prescribed homeopathic medicine frees these ‘stuck’ patterns of reaction on all levels.

Jonathan created this course based on his own journey of learning and experience. The course traels from the teachings of our modern homeopaths back to the principles of homeopathy’s founders making for a common sense understanding of the entire homeopathic methodology.

Jonathan Damonte

“Your remedies always work, that’s why I always call you”

L. Hoffmann – lifelong homeopathy user

Course Format

Lifetime Access to all future sessions
Start, pause and rejoin later
30 Minute video or audio lessons
LiveQ & A sessions weekly for each 3 months session

Scientifically proven method

Community forum
Literature and software* included
Certificate of completion
Continuing education credits (where applicable)
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16 video or audio lessons providing a substantive foundation on homeopathic principles, philosophy, history and science.
16 video or audio lessons outlining the tools of homeopathy from books, research, software and the various methodologies currently used in homeopathic medicine.
16 video or audio lessons specific to health conditions to illustrate the methodology taught in the course.
16 video or audio lessons outlining the various management and analysis methods of homeopathy.

The founders of Homeopathy Simplified

Homeopathy has been used and validated for centuries, and its popularity continues to soar despite the skeptics. Homeopaths have been dedicated to helping individuals manage their health problems, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. In fact, homeopathic medicines are now readily available in most health stores and pharmacies, a true testament to the growing demand for alternative medicine. Despite the criticism from governmental health departments and pharmaceutical-led medicine proponents, homeopathy remains a trusted and effective form of treatment for many.

Hahenemann, Boenninghauen, Hering, Kent and Frei
Hahnemann, Böenninhausen, Hering, Kent & Frei

These originators of homeopathy had ongoing success and their method is proven to be
faster to apply and more effective in outcomes in current research.

Starts – June 7th, 2024

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