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Anyone who has used homeopathy will likely have had some great successes and then a few disappointing failures. Most of us learn a number of useful remedies for simple illnesses and injuries we are taught to use common keynotes for their use when the best choices are a little harder to uncover. I know as I practiced this way for many years with average results. However, the reliability I sought wasn’t happening until I revisited the simple basis of homeopathy as taught by its founders and originators did I begin to have the reliable successes I now expect.

Using homeopathy can be simple, streamlined and reliable.
Let me show you how.
Homeopathy Simplified teaches a scientifically proven method for
quickly choosing an effective homeopathic medicine.

Homeopaths have been helping individuals manage and deal with their health problems for hundreds of years and nowadays it is practiced globally despite criticism from many governmental health departments and pharmacological led medicine. Despite this most health stores and many pharmacies stock a growing number of homeopathic remedies.

For some, their view towards Homeopathic Medicine is skewed towards skepticism and for others their confidence in it is validated by the benefits they have experienced. I believe that one of the fundamental reasons that it is not the most popular form of healthcare is that it’s hard to do well. That comes about as a result of how it’s been taught more than it being too difficult. Homeopathic medicine is under a great challenge to validate itself while the science isn’t quite advanced enough to fully explain its mechanism of action. Rational thinking compels one to first deny an inexplicable phenomena rather than follow the available science that clearly shows an observable effect. 

I wish I would have had this homeopathy course when I first started my studies. I now have a fast, simple and reliable method to follow. Homeopathy Simplified teaches you a roadmap for choosing the best homeopathic medicine with clarity and simplicity.

Jonathan Damonte

The Problem with Homeopathy

Despite there being a reliable method of selecting a remedy the process has been taught poorly. It has been taught backwards where the remedies are selected on the disease they can treat. Whereas, the best method is to select remedies is on the uniquely expressed symptoms of the patient in the state of reaction to their disease.

A Better Way

Finding a smaller group of remedies that match that state of reaction to their disease leads to better outcomes because the smaller group of remedies can be differentiated far more easily.

Homeopathy Simplified improves the reliability for finding a remedy that helps a patient. The struggle to find a homeopathic remedy that works is a result of being taught to use ambiguous information which reduces the likelihood of a successful prescription. This can result in the patient choosing another treatment and doubting the efficacy of homeopathic medicine.

Making the Complex Simple

In order to understand the simplicity of homeopathy it is best to peer through its complexity, its history, the many philosophies and various methodologies that are necessary to know about. When understood and put into place we can apply each in place. The huge volume of information and concepts can easily confuse us when we begin to learn of them and apply them in practice. These concepts may or may not be helpful in the task of prescribing a remedy and the aim of this course is to clarify those tools that are most useful and those that are seldom of use in order to make the process of prescribing an effective remedy simple.

This course is not a rote learning of remedies and the diseases they treat, though that might be useful in pharmaceutical or naturopathic practices of medicine it is not how you will learn in this homeopathy course. The course teaches a simple method from the analysis of the patient to a selection of appropriate remedies and then how to choose between those to a singular and most reliable choice. 

To be successful at finding effective homeopathic remedies for a patient requires using those tools that are proven to be the most reliable.  

After be able to differentiate the most useful requires an understanding of the character of the illness in the language of Homeopathic remedies. If we listen to it we will easily find the effective Homeopathic medicines. If we listen to the language of the disease name we will seldom be successful with homeopathy.

Who is the course for?

  • You want to be more reliable.
  • Home prescribers, bodyworkers, pharmacists, naturopaths,
    homeopaths, veterinarians, and even gardeners.
  • Family prescribers wanting to know how best to choose between remedies that apply to common conditions.

Course Instructor

Jonathan Damonte initially trained in homeopathy and developed a busy bodywork practice after learning Bowen Therapy, a neuro-muscular therapy. Being quite busy he sought out the most efficient methods for maintaining and improving my homeopathy practice. Grateful for the journey that led to teaching this online homeopathy course. This homeopathy course is a walk backwards through my learning evolution as a homeopath and my return to its foundations.

Jonathan sees that a patients reaction to an illness, stress or injury are the actual disease and is a dysfunctional state of illness if the patients reaction holds them stuck in the state of illness. Without changing this pattern of reaction the patient remains in defence of the cause without fully healing. The addition of a well prescribed Homeopathic remedy helps free the patterns of reaction to disease.

“your remedies always work, that’s why I always call you”

L. Hoffmann

Course Outcome

The aim of the course is to provide the student a clear and rational understanding for the simple logic of homeopathy.  To provide a reliable methodology for the assessment, prescription and management of their patients. To do this regardless of the students background, training or professional modality. Therefore, whether the student is a Massage therapist, Physiotherapist, Medical Doctor, gardener or home prescriber, the course will provide all the tools necessary to quickly and confidently prescribe a well chosen remedy.

Course Content

The content of this online homeopathy course sorts through the many complexities about homeopathy in an easy to follow presentation with supporting information to delve deeply into the relevant topics.

Video & audio lessons with case examples are designed to provide an understanding of the following concepts and to provide a thorough understanding of all the areas of study shown below.

  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Who’s who
  • Methodologies
  • Analysis
  • Case management
  • Research
  • Pharmacy
  • Video cases

It is not a rote learning of homeopathic medicines, their keynotes and clinical pearls. The course is designed to teach the tools to efficiently prescribe reliable medicines with certainty. The knowledge of the medicines is within the lessons and that will integrate naturally as you learn.

The Founders of this Homeopathy Course

Hahenemann, Boenninghauen, Hering, Kent and Frei
Hahnemann, Böenninghausen, Hering, Kent & Frei

The founders and originators of homeopathy had tremendous success and their system has proven to be faster and more effective in research.

Course Format

  • 55 Lessons in 4 Modules
  • Self paced video lectures
  • Audio versions of the videos
  • Online text and accompanying course book
  • Video case examples to represent the lesson
  • Online books list
  • Tracks your progress through each lesson.
  • Community support forum.
  • Instructor support & scheduled monthly Q & A
  • View the course outline

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The online homeopathy course helps a homeopathy user find reliable remedies by teaching a scientifically proven methodology that greatly increases the likelihood for successful treatment.

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